Thursday, August 31, 2017

...And Miles To Go Before I Sleep.

This has been one helluva season of racing and training. My running has brought me to all sorts of new places as well as revisiting some old stomping grounds. 

Maroon Bells "road" run in winter
In January, I began a challenge of running everyday for the month. It's design was to get a quick bit of fitness to pace a friend at Rocky Raccoon 100. I did my challenge and then ran 87 consecutive days after totaling 118 days and 709 miles. 
February brought me to that pacing gig - didn't pan out for my friend and I was only able to get a ten miler in at Huntsville State Park. It's always nice to wear shorts and a tank in February though!

April 1st Thomas and I knocked out the Zion Traverse. That has been a long standing bucket list run. Read my post about it here
Angels Landing Zion
June brought with it the Ragnar Trail Relay in Snowmass Village. Racing on a team of family, and new and old friends was exciting.Our non-competitive team was 8th overall! A few weeks later I raced the Desert RATS Kokopelli 150 stage race. This was another bucket list route (failed miserably twice on single push bike attempts). What an awesome experience! I met so many new friends and pushed myself to new limits. Another post about this week can be found here.

Kokopelli Trail
In July, I got a taste of "wild and tough". I had planned to pace a friend at the Hardrock 100. Again, that didn't pan out. I did manage to volunteer for trail clean up and thoroughly enjoyed some new friends and checking out all the hype of Hardrock. It did not disappoint. I am hooked and will be back to volunteer until I can get in. I summit-ed  my local Mt. Sopris as well as ran up to Sunlight Ski Resort and did two laps of the 4 Pass Loop, all on the regular circuit for local trail running.

Last Pass of the 4 Pass Loop
Island Lake
August brought on the Leadville Trail 100. This race is what started it all for me as an ultra runner. I did not get to toe the line this time. My role was crew and pacer, and again, my runner didn't make it...I did enjoy the racer meeting and camping with my newly engaged friends and watching the race from the role of crew. I did two scouting missions to Steamboat Springs, running on some new to me trails and exploring.  I also made an attempt at the Ten Mile Traverse, running the ridge of peaks 1-10 from Frisco to Breckenridge. I only got peaks 1-8...It will stay on the bucket list...

Ten Mile Traverse

As I reflect back on my year in running, I can't help but to be grateful for all the places it has taken me. In the next few days I will be toeing the line for the Run Rabbit Run 100 in Steamboat Springs, Co. Its a big deal to me. I have put in a lot of work for this. It will be the culmination of an entire training season, 9+ months. It is not the end though. It's just another stepping stone in the journey.... 

...and miles to go...