Thursday, August 25, 2016

Team Passenti- Leadville recap 2016

The Infamous Hope Pass

It was less than a week ago I was toeing the line of my 6th Leadville Trail 100 run.

4:00am 6th & Harrison 
I find some friends in the pack- we wish each other the best of luck- joke for a minute how this sounded like a good idea in January...and we're off!

Already this has started off like your typical race report recap-
Headed out for the creek crossing

but its not.

An old friend tells a joke about a pro skier in the lodge bar surrounded by the best looking ski bunnies- He says-
"Alright, alright ladies, enough about me. Let's talk about you. 
Have YOU ever seen me ski?!?"

I can talk about running all day long -just ask me.

This is really about teamwork-
Team Passenti.
Team Passenti is friends and family. This isn't some rookie team. Collectively, we bring over 35 years of racing/pacing/crewing experience at Leadville and now 6 finisher buckles combined. That helps. A lot.

3:40pm mile 54
"Nice work Brian"-Peter
I can't look up, again. I want to stop. How far is the top?
One foot at a time, just look down...
Think they have Swiss? ...and mushrooms?! I bet the Silver Dollar Saloon does..STOP looking UP!
Bacon too...I want the greasiest one, the one that when you pick it up the juices run down your hand and collect on your elbow till its too heavy and drops, staining your pants. I want a cheeseburger.
Down! Keep looking down. Keep moving....I can smell it and my mouth tries to salivate, to no avail...just keep moving...
Ken Chlouber and Merilee Mauqin!
The Coveted Buckl
2016 Team Passenti
Katie Passenti: Crew Chief -7th year
Jeff Wissing: Assistant to the Crew Chief/
                     Assistant to the Party Chief- 1st timer
Amber Wissing: Party Chief/ Pacer- 2nd year
Leanne Evans: Crew/ Pacer- 3rd year
Mark Bauer: Crew/ Pacer- 7th year
Peter Heitzman: Crew/ Pacer- 5th year
Gina Giuliani: Crew/ Shuttle- 1st year
Ken McDonald: Crew/ Shuttle- 5th year

3:20am mile 94
Wait- what did he just say? Was he talking to me? 
Did that silhouetted cowboy leaning on the hood of that truck just say something under earshot of our pack? Am I the only one to hear that?
"Better get a movin- times running out..."
He knows it- and I know it too.
"Hey Leanne, did you hear that guy...?"
"No, what guy?"
"Lets go-"

I owe you all a HUGE THANK YOU! You selflessly traveled around the course for nearly 26 hours with little rest(understatement) attending to my demands(bigger understatement).
It was even one of our 41st Birthdays! Really. I know you love this race as much as I do though.
We accomplished the goal!
Thank you guys for supporting me along the way and all season. I honestly couldn't do this race without you.Thank you for taking time away from your own lives, families, and passions to support mine. I am indebted to you for this. Words cannot express my feelings, nor my thanks for all your help.
Thank You

I only stand 5ft 9in tall, but when a small army of friends and family are walking right behind me at mile 99 bringing me home, I stand a bit taller.

and finally,
Thank you...

I still have yet to get that burger, but I'm sure I will this week...